Meet the Chef

Benjamin Monzon

Chef Ben Monzon offers Chianti patrons the versatility in the menu they have become partial to over the years. He has accomplished and perfected the cooking aptitude of grilling, pastas, appetizers, the unique Italian cuisine, and the delicate balance of good sautéing. Sautéing is a cooking method that browns the food while preserving its texture, moisture and flavor. As Chef Ben’s specialty, the sautéing is finished with a special demi-glace, a Chianti family recipe.

Ben studied under Guiseppe Brucia’s Firenze Restaurant on Olive Street in the late 1970’s. After this decade-long interlude, he partnered with Enrico Giacalone at Chianti Restaurant in 1980. As a quick study and protégé under Enrico, Ben mastered the Italian cuisine and made the Veal Marsala, Pollo Milanese, Snapper Veneziana, as well as the more common regional Italian cuisines of lasagna and manicotti, Chianti signature authentic Italian dishes. It is this proficiency and talent that has earned Ben the respect of among many peers in town, as well as those who have served side-by-side in his kitchen.